Board Effectiveness Evaluations


Produced in cooperation with Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

A high performing Board of Directors needs to regularly review its performance and take steps to keep essential traditions alive and make changes as necessary. Our evaluation tools are administered via internet surveys and combined into reports for action by the Board.

We assist in the assessment process with four valuable tools:

Board Competencies

Board members identify the competencies needed, assess the current level of skills and identify areas that need strengthening. Action steps are established to fill these gaps.

Board Effectiveness Evaluation

The Board Effectiveness Evaluation asks each Board member to evaluate the Board’s performance as a team.  Processes that are operating smoothly are celebrated while areas for improvement are identified and prioritized.

Personal Self-Assessments

The Personal Self Assessment is an opportunity for Board members to honestly assess their personal performance.  After identifying areas to be strengthened Board members are asked to create professional development plans to gain the knowledge and skills they need.

Peer Assessment

Board members evaluate the performance of their peers. Results are used to ensure high performance standards, assist in coaching better performance and establish performance criteria for those seeking re-nomination to the board.

For more information on Board Effectiveness Evaluations, contact:

Susan Girsch
Vice President, CAO